Saturday, September 24, 2016

Emily's Bomb zucchini brownies

Emily has mastered a recipe to use up our zucchini. Usually zucchini brownies are wet and clammy, but this makes a more of a chocolate cake that disappears very quickly. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Can you identify this mushroom?

Becca and I went for a long run and found a faerie ring with about 50 of these ginormous white mushrooms. 

The gills are white with no visible discoloration from spores yet. 

The cap is mostly white but not completely smooth. Do you know what kind of mushroom this is?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday night football

We bought a family pass to the high school sports events. Now I feel very suburban. It is a beautiful stadium with a ginormous video screen complete with instant replays of key plays and barbecue sandwiches that the band parents start three hours before the game. I didn't get one but you could smell the smokiness of them behind the stands. 

Emily's new friends from band wanted to hang out at the mall. When I rolled my eyes Emily informed me that hanging out at the mall probably wasn't as cool when I was her age. I agree.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Friday, July 15, 2016


Sometimes when I am in church listening to friends tell about their road trips to Utah, inside I have this conversation with myself.  I tell myself that I am glad I am not driving all that way with my family, that I would go insane driving that long and that it can't be much fun. Then, the other part of me argues that it is a whole lot cheaper than flying that far and that we would rather have that money for other things.  That and flying is no easy feat either with 5 kids.  Someone is always sick, flights are delayed or cancelled, and then we have to rent a car.  In the end it is a draw.  

I think as the kids get bigger and as long as I am able to take two weeks for vacation, painful as it is, driving out west for vacation is going to be part of our summer tradition.  It makes sense, plus it isn't as bad as I fear always.  It is a long drive, and there are fights in the car.  Kids get bored and since everyone has to be buckled (locked in place) people get restless.  Including me. 

Over all it was a nice break.  We went to Fountain Green to visit the Cooks, then went to Provo to visit with Leila's family and go to Neil's wedding.  I never went to Bridal Veil falls as a student, somehow there was always something that I had to do and getting off campus or out of the basement where the lab was seemed almost impossible.  

Southern Utah could be a set for movies on Mars.  The rocks are beautiful, but man I wouldn't want to have to walk across that wasteland.

Fountain Green is so different from Provo and the Valley just an hour away.  The town is tiny and Ag is the dominant industry.  Kids walk their sheep in the evenings to get ready for Lamb Days.  And the Cooks are there so it is our home away from home.