Friday, July 07, 2006

Emily's Birthday

Emily went for pictures today. She is turning 6 tomorrow. It is dumbfounding that I could be her parent. She is growing so fast.

She has started reading on her own more and more. We were in the car the other day and Leila and I were discussing what to get her for her birthday with important words spelled out loud. Emily in the back seat started spelling things back to us. From now on we are going to have to speak in Spanish or French to discuss things around her since she is learning to read.

She is having a party tomorrow with her friends from school. Since we cook together often, Emily has started making up her own recipes. Often they have sprinkles as a major ingredient. She asked to make one of her recipes instead of a birthday cake for her party. We figured, why not? So Emily is making Jello with marshmellows and whip cream. I think it has sprinkles on the top and they are going to have pink cookies that Emily picked out from the store.

Happy Birthday!!!

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