Sunday, November 25, 2012

Over 300 posts and a give-away!

I started this blog over Christmas vacation in 2004. I was frustrated with trying to analyze data and was hunting for a distraction online.  I guess if  it were now I would have skimmed facebook for a while, but in 2004, I didn't even know what that was.  I had heard about weblogs and it sounded like a good way to start writing about science and communicate with my family back home. I didn't know anyone else with a blog and wandered through some clicking on the "Next Blog" links from the blogger header.

 I have no idea how many blogs there are total on the web, one site I found says it is close to 173 million.  Some have made the authors money - cook books, memoirs, or movies, but most are for friends or family to share stories and pictures.  Social media sites have dominated this internet market in recent years, and I am as addicted as the rest of the us to facebook, but I still prefer the wordy format of a blog. Google+ seems cool, but only 1 person I know uses it regularly.   I haven't had as much to say here in recent months, but after eight years, I am still writing here.  I don't have a lot of readers, my grandparents, my sister, my Mom.  A few old friends that are like family now.  I have thought about ending this blog, but I am not going to.  I hope you keep reading.  I still have something to say.

Leila's quilt blogs have prize drawings to increase reader participation.  I am not drumming up business, but if you are a reader and want a prize, leave a comment.  I have jars of sizzling salsa that I will mail out this week.  If that doesn't suit your fancy, I will happily send signed copies of my scientific articles - just kidding, no one wants to read those.  More than anything, I am grateful for the friendships I have been able to maintain through the chain of blogs and social media sites.  I am horrible at writing letters, but like to stay in touch with old friends and family.

(Some pictures of the kids so my sister won't nag me:)
 Becca is a happy kid
 Kate took this great picture of Leila. 
 Aleah got baptized this month.  She lives up to her middle name - Felice. 
 The rest of the girls at the baptism
 Finally getting around to painting the kid furniture.  I had helpers, which was aggravating, but endearing.
The finished kid furniture.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Couch Potato Baby

 This kid spent the whole last month sitting on the couch!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Where did October go?

 When I wasn't working too many hours, I was at home too tired to be rational.  I am hamming it up as Emily and I made dinner.
 Much to many of my friends chagrin, I did vote for Obama. I even went to his last rally in Des Moines.  Three blocks and 20,000 people from me is the President.
 Kate got bronchitis and needed to use the nebulizer (How do you spell that?) to help open her lungs.  She is strangely chipper when she is sick.
 Unless you turn off the TV.  Then she is a terror!
Colleen decided to get her hair cut, a lot.