Monday, October 20, 2008

Colleen eating tomatoes

Colleen just begs for tomatoes. She downed this one at church when she was grumpy and needed some food.

Our cows

Friday, October 17, 2008

Netflix discoveries

I am addicted to movies and TV. When I was a kid, I can remember my Mom yelling at me that I made a better door than a window because when I walked past a TV screen I was completely zombieized. I still am.

I have learned to manage my addiction and have become a functioning adult in spite of TV. I made it through graduate school and manage to hold down a job, but I scour movie reviews and watch trailers compulsively. Months ago we have disconnected our TV from the antennae and have no cable. I have not been able to quit cold turkey though. I still get my fix through Netflix.

Here are some of my Netflix faves:

Stranger than Fiction

Harold Crick (Will Farrell) hears a voice narrating his life. As he fights against the plot that is driving him to his death, he makes his life more musical, falls in love, and finds a purpose for his life. OK, I read too many movie reviews. I love the part where he gives the baker a box of flours or when he introduces himself at the publisher as a character from the author's book. There are lots of little things that are funny like when the author (Emma Thompson) smokes her cigarettes she holds her hand like a bird's beak and puts the butt in a kleenex.

Sweet Land

This is about a German girl who goes to marry a Norwegian bachelor farmer she has never met in Minnesota. He picks her up at the train station with his talkative friend and takes her to the church for the wedding. But no one will marry them because she is German. I love it when she yells at him in German when he won't let her move in.


Jaye is probably crazy. Inanimate objects talk to her and make her help people. But the instructions are not clear and solutions are complicated. Like when she runs over her dad's foot. Or when she steals her therapists monkey. Or sets up her lesbian sister with the UPS guy. Or breaks the headlight of the priest come to save the cheese obsessed nun. Oh, and Fatsquatch. A TV show but probably would be PG-13 with some bad language and sexual situations.

Battlestar Galactica

This show is on SciFi and is amazing. As a disclaimer, it pushes the envelope on violence and sexuality. It mixes Star Trek with 24. Humans and a robotic race called Cylons are at war, and the Cylons are winning. In the first episode, humanlike Cylons have infiltrated the 12 colony planets and destroy them with nuclear bombs. They overpower the fleet by disabling their new computer systems. The only humans left are refugees and a single battleship, Galactica, that was being mothballed and did not have the upgraded computers. They are on the run from the Cylons and trying to survive and find a safe haven. Each show builds on the previous and all characters in the large cast are important.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Popcorn harvest

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Here a moo, there a moo

On Monday we finally got our cows. We have been tempted to get a cow ever since our pasture turned into a jungle of giant ragweed, thistle, and burrs. When we had horses in there they kept the weeds at bay and the grass ate down. We needed something but cows are more expensive than I thought. At the auction they were going for at least a dollar a pound and cows weigh almost 1000 lbs!

Our neighbor listed a angus cow and weaned angus/hereford calf in Craigslist and we checked them out. The price seemed fair and they were close. The first time they tried to bring them over they wanted to put a halter on them and walk them over tied to the back of the truck. But if a 1000 lb cow doesn't want to go. It doesn't go. I was at work when all this was going on, but Leila and them got the halters on but the cow broke the halter and took off so everyone agreed that a trailer would work fine. On Monday when I got home there they were in the weeds of the pasture.

I will take some pictures once I fix the camera.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Economic meltdown in 2nd place

I have been planning on writing about the economic bailout plan when I had a free moment and working internet, but I found out today my brother Jon had a pulmonary infarction and almost died and somehow I don't have as much to say about the bad bailout plan.

Charlotte, his wife, has most of the details on her blog. He went in for chest pain and they thought it was an inflammation of the lining of the chest cavity, but it turned out to be blood clots lodged in his lungs. He is on blood thinners at the hospital and is feeling better. It looks like he is going to be fine.

Jon and I used to fight a lot as kids. I mean fight until blood was spilt, not just bickering. We did a lot of that too. When I moved out for college he and I started to get a long better and better. A little space and maturity helped us both. He used to write me on my mission and sign his letters, " Keep on trucking, From Jon, You know, your brother Jon." As if I could forget him.

He came and lived with Leila and I in Texas for a summer after his mission. He and I rode our bikes to work each day and I watched in wonder as he ate twice more than I thought physically possible. He also could fall asleep at any time, in the wierdest positions. He and I really became friends that summer.

He was dating this girl whose family lived in the ward. I was teaching primary at the time. One Sunday, her Dad came up to me in the hall and grabbed me by the arm. He spoke very slowly and deliberately.

He said, "Bro. Gardunia, I know you have been hanging around with my daughter and I want to know what the heck is going on. "

I said something like, " Bro. _____ , my brother is living with me, my single, return-missionary brother. I think you might have us confused."

His grip lightened and he seemed to deflate. He kept saying, " You have a brother. You have a brother."

Yes, I have a brother. He went back to Idaho, met his wife and has proceeded to exceed all expectations for his life.

I am glad he is doing better.