Monday, May 18, 2009

Dance Extravaganza

I will see if this works. I haven't uploaded a video before and I hope that I picked the right one. Emily and the Cooks put on a show last night for us. They had five different dances: "Fireworks", "Fireworks exploding", "Flowers Blooming", "Fish", and "Cinderella."

They each had different choreography and were even funnier with Colleen and Kenna following behind trying to imitate the bigger kids. Before their show, they were in the pasture rolling in mud and throwing mud at each other. We hosed them off and all of the kids wore Emily's clothes.

Cinderella's Dance
Staring: Harry (Prince), Ellie (Cinderella),
Emily (Music Director) and Aleah, Zoe and Kenna (the Orchestra).

We are really going to miss the Cooks. They have come over for dinner almost every Sunday for two years. They are moving also though, but it breaks our hearts to go and leave such good friends behind.

Friday, May 08, 2009

City mice

Now that the city/country mice debate has been settled temporarily I need some new city hobbies.

Community Gardening

We have discussed maybe trying to make a community garden/farm just outside of Huxley and then we could have the best of both worlds: neighbors, community, and fresh produce, dirt between my nails, and animals to pat.

Home gardening

Our house has a big city lot, but with a lot of shade. We are going to put up raised beds and maybe plant in the front yard where there is more sun. There is also a greenhouse off of the kitchen where I can grow tomatoes and starts for the summer.

from UC Davis tomato collection


There is a woodshop off of the garage. I have two cabinets I have been "making" for Leila for the last two years. They are still not done. Now I will not have an excuse. Except I would love a table saw. . .

I have wanted to try my hand at violin repair or construction for a long time. Maybe now is the time. I need:

1. A glue pot
2. A bending iron
3. Carving Chisels
4. Knowledge
5. Skills
6. Wood

There are two rivers nearby and a reservoir nearby. I have always like canoeing.

From Wikipedia

I have also wanted to:

Fiddle like

Recumbent bikes


This is actually happening!!!

The movers are coming. The house agreements are signed. The cows and pigs are gone. We don't even have a garden planted. The time of the move is coming fast!

I can't even write long sentences. Aaagh.

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