Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Looking for new sci fi

I love books and am completely addicted to science fiction. But, I feel like I have hit the wall. I have read all of the scifi books available at our local library, except all of those knock-off Star Trek and Star Wars novels that should never have been published.
The Huxley Library is pretty good for a small town, but has a clientelle that devours Mennonite romance novels. There is a whole wall of shelves for it and two racks of sci-fi - Appalling. Every time I go I request new books to add to their collection. It is an uphill battle.

This is what I am up against:

I have reread all of the Garth Nix books until I don't even try to start at the beginning any more. I just pick up one of the Abhorsen series and flip to a random spot and begin. The next day I do the same. It takes longer to finish a book that way. It is like bootstrap reading. I am out of new Connie Willis novels also. Ursula LeGuin added some new Earthsea novels that are quite good, but I bought those. I also read the Left Hand of Darkness three times this year.

From regular fiction my standby's also seem stale. I still bring Chaim Potok's The Chosen with me when I travel (Not science fiction - more like orthodox Jewish fiction). I haven't seen anything new out of Mark Salzman recently. I really like Chabon's Amazing adventures of Kavalier and Clay - about Jewish comic book illustrator's in the 50's. Some scenes were pretty racy, but beautiful writing.

I tried getting some nonfiction and branching out into the real world, but I still am hunting for something to fill the fictional part of my reading diet.

Any suggestions? I need something new to devour.