Thursday, September 28, 2006


I have been reading Essays in Science by Albert Einstein. That he is a genius is already established, and so I won't go on too much about it. He does a good job explaining his cutting edge physics in ways that at least I think I understand. That is the worst of it. It feels like being blind and listening to an art lover lecture on the brush techniques of the masters. The words he uses are mostly familiar, and the math he mentions seems to call up names I heard in my calculus classes years ago: LaPlace, Fourier, Etc. But, I can't see what he sees. It must be like having another sense to have intuition and perception of the world tied in to mathematics.

It is a joy to read and I recommend it. I read his other essays on Zionism and politics in highschool and he is a persuasive writer, even when he does not talk about his world of physics.

We are doing well here in Indiana. We have not yet decided on a house. We found a place that we wanted, a little farmhouse with a few acres, near my work, but someone else bought it before we put an offer. Then we found another farmhouse with a few acres far from my work, but it is apparently gutted with no electrical or mechanical or drywall? We will see today to see how badly gutted it is. There are a lot of houses for sale and that is part of our problem. There are nice houses in town and there are houses in the country. There are some right near my work, but there hasn't been one that is just right I guess. I will try to put links up to some that we are looking at or some pictures this weekend.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Battleground, Indiana

We went to Prophetstown state park this last weekend. It is the site where Tecumseh had his city and ultimately his defeat by the US army. On the site is a working farm with 1920 equipment, varieties, house, etc. Leila and I love this kind of stuff, but Emily says that "it was a disappointment." I can't see how since the farmer let Emily pet the newborn calves, all of the cats, the sheep, and shell corn. We are going back this weekend for the 1920's county fair. Posted by Picasa