Thursday, September 30, 2010

New camera

The same day a generous friend of our offered to give us a camera Leila came home from grocery shopping with a new camera. Now poor Kate won't have to cry about how no one took her picture because she was the youngest. There just are some gaps in her life. Luckily, she looks enough like the others that we will just even up the pile with the pictures we can't match up with her older sisters. (Don't tell her I said this.)

From Sept 2010

Work has been busy and I am behind on seed orders and marker projects which I have to finish tomorrow before the next round of selections have to be finished.

Fall in Iowa is just about perfect. The humidity drops, the temperatures mellow and the trees begin to turn while the grass is still green. This has been a wet year and we have been pushed out of our yard by mosquitoes and it has been nice to be able to be out working in the flower beds. It definitely makes the other 11 months worthwhile.

From Sept 2010

Loving sisters, except when Colleen is mad. She has developed quite a forceful personality and has strong opinions that she expresses very angrily.

From Sept 2010

Future Opera Star - Colleen makes up long songs about pigs, Jesus songs, and going to bed.

From Sept 2010

Kate usually plays accompaniment on the piano.

From Sept 2010

"Mine Dolly name . . . Dolly"

From Sept 2010

Emily wanted a haircut "Just like Kate's." Pretty good.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back from "vacation"

So yesterday evening Leila and I were watching Psych on Hulu and commented that I had already seen this episode. She turns to me and says, "You must have seen that while on vacation." and went back to watching the computer buffer the episode.

I spent two or three days each of the last few weeks looking at yield trials in Nebraska and Iowa, apparently on vacation. I have been busy at work and at home. I have turned on my computer and pulled up my blog, thinking I would turn it on and write on my blog, but I haven't.

Things that have happened that should have had blog entries:

Aleah's first day of school - she was super excited even though she has a hard time waking up early each morning. She usually sleeps in until 9:00 and even getting her up in time for church is a struggle. Once she started school, she has caught pink eye, the stomach flu, and a couple of colds. After a month we are starting to get into a working schedule - we carry her downstairs, get her dressed while she bonelessly eats breakfast, and then she dashes off to school with Emily.

Emily's trombone - Emily is in 5th grade which has band and they had a day to try all the instruments and she decided she wants to play the trombone.

Leila's sewing machine - her sewing machine broke after our basement flooded. Something must have been sitting on the foot pedal because when she went to use it after we cleaned everything up the motor was burnt out.

Fall here has come like a thief in the night. The corn seemed to dry overnight and how the combines are running.