Thursday, April 12, 2007

My house is full of Chicks!

Th temperatures dropped down into the 20s the last few nights and so I have moved the chicks into the basement. We have old heating ducts that allow air movement between the basement and the rest of the house that consist of a grate with a hole. (Ah, technology) So you can look down the grate and see into the basement. We put the chicks beneath the kitchen grate and you can spy on the chicks down below without disturbing them.

It is more entertaining than reality TV. The cats sit in the kitchen and watch them for hours. I caught National down with them two times. She was sitting under the heating lamp while the chicks pecked around her. Fox was down once on the prowl, but luckily the chicks freeze and don't make a sound when they are scared. If they had ran, Fox would have chased them just for fun.

The other news I have is that Leila is pregnant, I don't know if I mentioned that before. She is going to have another baby girl in August. We are excited. She is feeling a lot better now, but is already starting to look pregnant and can feel the baby do acrobatics when she is trying to sleep.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Google April Fools

Google had a April Fools joke that just about made me about fall out of my chair. One of my professors should definitely subscribe to this service. I helped clean out his office and loaded box after box with notebooks full of all of his emails. All were in order by date. Ah the age of the paperless office. I think that cheap printers and email just have made the office more paperfull.

They had another about a new Google telecenter.

Ok, I just found one more. Google's proposed kit for upgrading internet service. At least I would be able to read email on the can.