Saturday, January 14, 2006

Emily wants to be a veterinarian, because it is an important job because she is helping animals. She informs me that my job, in cotton breeding and genetics, is a GOOD job, but not IMPORTANT, because I don't help animals or people.  Posted by Picasa

Christmas lights from the Christmas tree. Looks like electric fire Posted by Picasa

Leila helped her sister with her senior project of sewing bags for the breast cancer center. Posted by Picasa

Disaster for gingerbread land. Leila made a gingerbread house for Christmas. The Royal icing was stronger than cement though and we had to use a sledgehammer to break in.  Posted by Picasa

Leila's Mom got us a digital camera for Christmas and so we have lot's of pictures. They may not be good, but we have a lot of them. Here is Aleah up close and personal. Posted by Picasa