Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spring Chicken

Spring is here with planting, grass to mow, weeds to hoe, and work to be done. I don't think I will ever get ahead.

My first week here in Indiana my brother Marc and I talked on the phone and he asked me what my hobbies were going to be now that I was not in school. At the time I was a bit flummoxed because my previous hobbies included odd statistical techniques, going to school, and my family. Not much time was left.

So I was left with the prospect of having time to develop cool new hobbies. I started teaching violin lessons to a family in our ward in exchange for riding lessons for Emily. Then I was made ward clerk. Then we decided to buy our house in the country. Now I have chickens to feed, cats to feed, fence to mend, gutters to fix, barns to clean, yard to mow, garden to put in, garden to water, things to paint, clean, organize, Oh and large ants have been invading my kitchen in the last few weeks. So an ant extermination crusade is in order. The time putting kids to bed at night hasn't gotten any shorter and dishes still need to be done and bathrooms to clean. I guess work is my new hobby, it is a break from home work. I have finished a paper though on quantile regression and fiber length distribution analysis if any one is interested in that hobby.

I have included a link to an album of pictures of events at our place, just click on the picture that follows:

Spring chicken