Friday, June 27, 2008

Pictures up finally

I finally wrestled with the dial-up at home enough to load some pictures. Here are some other ones Emily took that I just had to post.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crazy summer thunderstorms

A storm blew in after lunch today with strong winds, hail, and near an inch in rain in just a few minutes. It looked like a hurricane out of my office window with the rain coming almost parallel to the ground and then dime sized hail. It was dark enough that it looked like night. The lightning was a flashing strobe light. Cars pulled over and stopped because visibility was too low to drive. And then as soon as it came, it was over. The last few minutes were eerie because the rain was still coming down but the sun was coming out in the west.

The corn looks a little ragged, but I hope it will grow out of it.

Leila says at our house 5 miles away it was just a light shower.

Crazy Indiana weather.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A month!

A month has gone by in an instant!

At first I delayed updating this because quite honestly I liked the pictures that were up. This is my homepage on my work computer and so I left it sitting there like a screensaver almost.

Then, time seemed to speed up and now a month is eaten up and I don't know where it went. I really don't seem to have done much but age.

Emily, Leila and I each took pictures of the garden and I will put them up when I get home. It is growing almost as fast as the weeds. We have lucked out again with bugs so far (cross your fingers, knock on wood, spit spit).

Emily has her own little flower garden.

We planted way too many beets because I got the seed packets mixed up and thought I was planting spinach but it was more and more beets.

(My beet pictures didn't upload, so here are some strawberries)



and pumpkins!

Leila wanted to have a u-pick pumpkin patch at our house and we have started this year thanks to the Svedin's that loaned us their rotatiller. We were able to till up a large patch and have planted 10 different kinds of pumpkins. I didn't get my Indian corn patch planted, but next year the plan is to have more pumpkins, the indian corn, and some food for animals: alfalfa, turnips, sorghum. We hope to get it all planted this fall in winter rye or a new early variety of hairy vetch. Then we will plant into the winter crop and use it as a mulch to reduce our weeding in the spring.