Friday, May 08, 2009

City mice

Now that the city/country mice debate has been settled temporarily I need some new city hobbies.

Community Gardening

We have discussed maybe trying to make a community garden/farm just outside of Huxley and then we could have the best of both worlds: neighbors, community, and fresh produce, dirt between my nails, and animals to pat.

Home gardening

Our house has a big city lot, but with a lot of shade. We are going to put up raised beds and maybe plant in the front yard where there is more sun. There is also a greenhouse off of the kitchen where I can grow tomatoes and starts for the summer.

from UC Davis tomato collection


There is a woodshop off of the garage. I have two cabinets I have been "making" for Leila for the last two years. They are still not done. Now I will not have an excuse. Except I would love a table saw. . .

I have wanted to try my hand at violin repair or construction for a long time. Maybe now is the time. I need:

1. A glue pot
2. A bending iron
3. Carving Chisels
4. Knowledge
5. Skills
6. Wood

There are two rivers nearby and a reservoir nearby. I have always like canoeing.

From Wikipedia

I have also wanted to:

Fiddle like

Recumbent bikes



Anonymous said...

What a bustle. Congratulations on the new job, Brian. Now all you have to do is get out there. I moved around every couple of years while growing up, and I remember how frantic it can be. I hope you have a good book to read for the next month: that was always my favorite way of escaping from the mayhem. It just occurred to me that, as an Iowan, you will be able to vote in the caucus elections held at the beginning of every presidential election season (provided, I guess, that you are willing to brave the cold weather and the long lines).

Be well,

Erin said...

Those work areas sound like heaven. Make sure to post Leila's cabinets when you're finished!

I too like canoeing - or would like to know how to canoe better AND own one. My knowledge stopped at Girls Camp leve and Elementary school P.E. In MN, P.E. lessons included cross country skiing and canoeing. Can't wait for you to be even more midwestern!

Brooks Blanche said...


Congratulations on the new job...and the move to Iowa. Give me a call and we'll catch up.