Wednesday, December 22, 2004


As I road to work to day, I realized that my goretex shoes had begun to leak. The rain had hit just as I left and although it faded by the time that I reached Walmart, the puddles from the road spit up from my tires and passing cars. I ride to work at a genetic lab seven miles. It is usually one of my favorite times of the day. I get to spend time thinking and today, getting wet.

My name is Brian Gardunia. I have doubts whether anyone will be reading this, but what the hey. I will be probably posting the following things:

Personal grumblings about work and school,

Questions about genetics and statistics,

Descriptions of my family life,

Itsy-Bitsy Emily Stories - Now I know that seems out of character from the rest. My daughter Emily is four, every night she begs for Itsy Bitsy Emily stories about a tiny little girl that lives with a frog in the summer and mice in the winter. But hey, I am doing this for my benefit and I hope someone out there is interested. If not, this blog will be visited by myself and myself alone.

Hello World.

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