Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Been offline a bit

Between my home connection failing due to server upgrades that reset my passwords and the end of classes and beginning of chopping in the field, I have not been posting. Well, hopefully that is going to change.

The cotton is now knee high. The first blooms are appearing. The F&B field will be ready for crossing in a week or two. The books are printed. The summer is fully here. When i am out chopping in the field. Chopping is our PC way of saying hoeing. Saying "I am going hoeing" or "I am a hoeer" or "I am going to find a hoe out in the field. " Hoe sounds too much like Ho. short for whore in case that little bit of Americana hadn't been up your way.

The only really troubling thing is my random-mating population for the mustelinum looks an awful lot like tomentosum. I am concerned that somehow it got mixed up between packaging the seed and planting. I hope not. If so i will have to random mate it by hand out at the bottoms where I have backup populations. I am glad that I do, just in case. I hate it when I make these kind of big mistakes, because then I have to admit it to Wayne, our technician, who already thinks I am incompetent.

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