Thursday, October 20, 2005

Harvest is DONE, uh, well, kinda . . .

Ok we are not really done. We have 7 rows left and I haven't finished measuring heights or counting nodes. Augh.

The weather has been beautiful since our rain last week. The temperature is down to 90 and the mornings are a brisk 70 degrees. Nothing like Texas Fall weather. Employers really should interview candidates in Fall or Spring. Summer is just too oppressive here.

My field has three hawks that circle around waiting for us to scare vermin out of the brush. The other day one was sitting on the row ahead of us. The cotton plants were bent over under the weight and there was a rattling of bolls and breaking of limbs when he decided to take off.

Yesterday the cranes were out in the recently plowed field next door. The humingbirds are gone though and I haven't seen a monarch butterfly for a week. The black irridescent ones still hang around the morning glory vines. The vultures have stayed near the river or the road.

This year I haven't seen any snakes, lizards or turtles. Last year we had a large turtle that I took in the truck back to the pond near the lab. When I found it the turtle hissed at me, but did not run away or try to bite me. I put it in a box and drove back to lab. Just as I turned into the parking lot he managed to lunge out of the box and land in my lap. He tried to bite me as I was trying to turn the corner, so I batted at him and knocked him onto the floor, where he decided to hole up under the seat of the truck. I managed to get him out without getting bit and release him near the pond. He didn't seem grateful though. Kinda bitter if you ask me for a refugie turtle. I guess he didn't realize that the field was going to be plowed under.

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