Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bolivian jail

The BBC has a photo tour of a large Bolivian jail where the inmates can buy good cells or rent them out. They have food venders and a futbol field. Children live there with their fathers and attend local schools. Such an odd arrangement. It is like a country unto itself. The inmates are expected to manage local affairs and there is apparently an internal government that deals out justice for violence, etc. It used to allow tourists, but apparently the cocaine there is the best in the country and so many visitors came to buy drugs.

It is a surreal story that is hard to believe, except there was a smaller version of this jail in Viacha where we lived. It was small, but venders and people came and went. Prisoners, we were told, were expected to have their own food and medicine. It certainly cuts costs, but it just seems unreal.

Things are good here in Indiana. I will put up some pictures when I get home and write more.

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