Saturday, February 09, 2008

Name that dog

I have wanted a dog since we had to give Boss the dog back this summer. My chicken raising has been thwarted by attack after attack of racoons, opossums, and coyotes.

A dog seemed like the answer to the problem. A really big dog. Leila hasn't been as eager because dogs take more time, training, and are just more trouble than cats. Boss was an exceptional dog whose only bad habit was chasing skunks.

Well, we now have a dog. She doesn't have a name still. We went to the shelter and looked at a St Bernard-lab mix that we liked. A few days later I came home and there was a st bernard-lab mix dog sitting in front of the front door. But this was a stray, not the dog from the shelter. We are keeping her!

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jon said...

Charlotte says Fido but I like Toby, or Shakora which was the name of a previous employer's dog. It is a Bask word for something cool. Another alternative is to name the dog something functional such as Getoutside, Getoverhere, or Fart.
Good luck,
Jon, you know your brother Jon.