Friday, May 16, 2008

Indiana Primaries

I know the primaries are over here and the presidential candidates are all glad to be out of Indiana but it was exciting to be in the midst of the hoopla. Leila and I went to Hillary Clinton's speech here in Lafayette, but we missed out on rollerskating with Barack Obama.

I haven't been a big fan of Hillary Clinton, that's her in pink holding a microphone, but she gave a great speech. It was the first time I had listened to a whole speech from any of the candidates. The worst thing about our ad driven 24 hour soundbite news coverage is you never here the whole thing, just "Hillary said 'gas-tax' and now our paid commentator will tell you what he thinks." (Do you ever notice that she is usually called Hillary, Barack is Barack or Obama, but John McCain is never John?)

I think all three candidates are better than Kerry vs. Bush. I remember watching Barack Obama speak at the democratic national convention and thinking Wow - that guy should run for president. I don't know that any of them can fix Iraq. John McCain sounds like he will scale it up. Obama and Clinton want out. I think we need some serious help to make it better before we leave, but we've got to help improve things there.

I hope that John (McCain) will come here also so I get the chance to hear him speak also. But now that Indiana's 15 minutes are over, it will be doubtful.


Charlotte said...

I agree that all 3 are better than the Kerry vs. Bush vote. Too bad you missed out on skating with Obama...sounds like a good time.

Becca said...

None of the three are what America needs, but Allen and I are both leaning toward Obama.