Thursday, August 07, 2008

Gardening in July

The garden is full of weeds, but we have had buckets of beets, beans, carrots, tomatoes, and the pumpkins are basketball sized. We have been invaded by squash bugs and borers though. We had to spray because almost every plant had egg masses. We lost some sections of the patch, but they seem to be recovering somewhat. Next year we will have to try something to get rid of them or avoid them early. Any ideas? Has anyone heard anything about how to get rid of squash bugs?

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Allison said...

Your garden pictures look awesome! I wouldn't have guessed you had a bug problem!

Those darn squash bugs! We've tried natural remedies spraying tobacco juice, chili powder mixture, etc., and the heavy duty pesticides from the store. Neither have seemed to affect them. I mean, they do kill the adult bugs, but then the eggs hatch and the problems start again. We've found just taking the time to look for the egg masses and ripping off the leaves they're on is the best way to prevent the bugs from coming. Same thing with tomato worms, just look for them, pull them off and dispose of them. Spray doesn't seem to affect the worms too well. Good luck!