Sunday, July 19, 2009

So many places to go

Leila and I have been looking at our calendar and thinking about when and who we can go visit. The problem is that we would like to go so many places and see so many people. Besides the limiting factor of money time just isn't going to let us go and do all that we would like. Maybe we will try and escape this winter from the Iowa winter winds and cold.

Leila's = Gig Harbor, Washington and Provo, UT. Leila and the girls went to Gig harbor this summer and Leila's mom came here to visit just a few weeks ago. But I still would like to go. I love Seattle.

Mine = Boise, Idaho, Pocatello, ID, Washington DC, Florida, Texas, not to forget my cousins that live "close" in Nebraska. My dad even lives in Hawaii - not that I have plans to visit him, but Hawaii would be fun and I would stop and say hi if I was there. I need to go visit Anna sometime in Florida. I never have been and Mike has all of the cool toys. I would like to go to visit Aunt Sandra again and see all the changes around her farm, especially now that we don't have ours. I haven't been to Boise in ages and would like be at Mom's house and see grandma and Bob. I have a quite a few cousins there that I haven't seen really since highschool that I would like to catch up with. Marc lives near all the museums and excitement of DC and I would like to see him there also.

New York City
Lafayette, IN
Bryan, TX
Soda Springs, ID

Places we just want to go for no other reason than it's cool:
Anywhere in Europe - especially Belgium, France, Hungary, Stockholm.
Iceland - I have always wanted to go there. I see pictures and for some reason it seems like one of the most interesting places to me.
Cairo - one of the towns like London that need no designation of Country of Origin. The pyramids are there. Any questions?

If I forgot you and you want us to add you to our list of places to visit, please let us know. Or come and visit us in Iowa! I know it does not have the pyramids or culture of Europe, but we are here and we have a spare bedroom! We will feed you well and keep you up late talking. The kids will play. We can look at some corn. Just come.


Charlotte said...

We're getting to have the same problem with family being spread all over the place. And I would like to see Michigan, where Jon served his mission. Maybe next spring/summer we'll do a road trip and stop off in Iowa on our way to Michigan.

I think you guys should come to Boise. Grandma and Bob always have great food. :0) And if you've never met "Lady dog" then you're in for a treat.

Leila said...

You forgot Chris in California and Josh in Japan. At some point he is going to be transfered and then we won't have a free place to stay on our Japanese vacation! Right Josh?

Becca said...

Um, I think that your family in Boise and Pocatello are close enough to Soda Springs that you could justify a visit to all three. Can't you get Monsanto to send you here on some trumped-up popcorn reason? Or whatever . . .

Erin said...

Next summer we will drive from TX to MN, and we will stop in IA to see you guys!


I like Becca's idea too! A marriage of copper & corn? Is that right?

Erica said...

I resent the fact that you listed us as Provo, UT---Yes we are close, but I prefer American Fork, or just plain UT to Provo, UT

Ryan said...

Just stumbled across your blog from facebook...

If you guys ever plan a trip that includes Hungary, give me a call and I'll tell you some cool things to see and places to eat.

Oh and a late congrats on the new one!

Maybe we'll come and look at some corn some time.

Rick said...

car camping in europe is very common and the best way to see those cool places. A trip around the perimeter of switzerland is a nice introduction and takes you through a cross section of europe. why iceland? a neighboring country has viking ships, fram polar ship, besseggen ridge, and the scream. do you know where I mean?

Brian G. said...


I am not sure where you mean. Sweden? Norway? Greenland? Denmark?

Any hints?

Rick said...

Hints: The Scream is a painting by Edvard Munch. It was stolen twice, but currently is back in the museum.

Fram is a ship that was used in Artic and Antarctic expeditions. A museum is built around the ship.

Besseggen ridge is a popular walk in the Jotunheimen Park.

The final hint is that this country has beautiful fjords.

Brian G. said...

Rick - Norway it is. I just need an excuse to go look at corn fields there and then I can convince my company to send me so I can afford the plane fare.