Sunday, April 04, 2010

Loving New York

For spring break we went to visit our friends the Cooks in New York City. Doug is a professor at NYU-Abu Dhabi, but is teaching this year in New York. I never really thought I would like such a big city, but there is something about NY that even after just a week made me wish that I could move in and make myself at home. According to this site, it is stereotypical for me to like Manhattan, and now Brooklyn. I should add that Roosevelt Island is the best of both.

The kids and I at the Manhattan Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge from the park

Central Station at night

Me at Times Square along with more tourists than I can count, but no one from NY

The Queensborough Bridge - The view from our friends apartment


Christine Merrill said...

What will happen to all of us when the Cooks leave New York!!! I wish you could have come down to DC to see us, too!

Brian G. said...

We will come to DC sometime soon. My brother moved there a year ago and now my Mom is moving there.