Sunday, September 11, 2011

Work in Progress Weekend

Leila each week posts her "Work in Progress Wednesday" on her quilt blog.  It is linked to her other online quilt friends' blogs so they can cheer each other on.  Pretty good idea really. Here are some of the things the kids and I have in progress:

Senf Gherkin:
 My neighbor has been telling this last month I have the perfect cucumbers for senf gherkin, i.e over-ripe yellow monsters.  They look pretty good so far. I have never been a big fan of sweet pickles, but these have enough vinegar that I think they will be pretty good.

 Our monster yellow cucumbers next to Mike's perfect green ones.

 Kate helping me freeze green peppers from the garden

 Aleah sewing with the machine that Leila bought from the garage sale.

 I still need to paint my container I built for my work truck.  I have a bunch of safety supplies and things I bring with me to work and I got sick of them rolling out from under the seat.

 Here is the view from the side

I still haven't stained the benches I made for the Cook's visit.


Rhamnites said...

Lots of good projects going on! Love the truck thing :).

Brenda in DC said...

You are amazing.