Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our new oven

 Before I left for Hawaii, I made this pretend oven for the kids to play with while I was gone.  I need to paint it and add knobs and burners.  It is just plywood but I was pleased how it turned out.  It is just the right size for little kids and I actually like it without a door.
While the little kids were playing with pretend food, Emily made angel food cake from scratch, with no help at all.  12 eggs in one go.  Turned out perfectly. We made creme brulee with the left over yolks.  Not necessarily great for the waistline, but oh so good with raspberry freezer jam.


Rhamnites said...

No way! I'm SO envious of Emily! I've tried 3-4x and ended up with sweet flat poundcake every time.

Brian G. said...

The trick to angel food cake is the same as souffles - well whipped whites with stiff, but still wet peaks and then mixing as little as possible. Also spoon the batter into the pans instead of pouring. Emily has a real knack for baking and cooking though. She made an almond bundt cake that was divine.