Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An early spring is a good spring

Spring is here!  This has been such a mild winter.  When we first came and visited Iowa three years ago around this time it depressingly cold and brown still.  This year the trees are budded out, the grass is green, the flowers and weeds are all up.  Time to get to work!

Kate on the porch.

I ordered a new camera - a waterproof, shockproof Panasonic Lumix.  I am really pleased with it so far.  It doesn't take great pictures inside - the color balance isn't quite right.  I am not sure how to adjust that either.  But let's hope it is tough enough to last us a while, otherwise I am tempted to go back to a film camera.  We have had trouble with digital cameras breaking.  At work, my digital camera froze up after some dew dripped on it.  Ours at home have been broken after being dropped or frozen up after they got dirty.

Random pictures from the new camera:

Leila insisted on me buying new Sunday shoes.  

I have had the same broken pair from my mission and another pair I got out of the DI bin at BYU in 2000.  I lucked upon these babies on sale for 70% off.  The square long toe is an odd style to me still, but for that price I will gladly join in.

Colleen loves you THIS much. Kate just loves the computer.

Leila in pigtails.  You can see the bit of my finger there, the camera lens is near the side and is easily covered.  

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