Friday, June 08, 2012

Emily's Vacation Reading Reviews

Post by Emily:
 Tomod:a templers apprentice- Tormod Macleod,  a boy cursed with the Vision, delivers a secret message to the Pope and gets sucked into an epic adventure as Templer Alexander's apprentice. He will face dangers because they are hunting him. Tormod has seen what will happen,but could he change it?
                                                                           4 stars

Tormod: a templers gifts- Tormod has returned home to his many younger siblings, older brother, mom and very angry dad. The Power he developed while with the templer stands out and he leaves. Tormod's power is going out of control until he meets a girl called Aine also with the Vision and the Power. Only she can mend him.  They are still being hunted.  They must find Bertand, he will help them.
                                                                         4.5 stars 

The true meaning of Smekday: A group of aliens called the Boov have invaded Earth and Gratuity's mom has been abducted (by the aliens).  The boov want all the humans to relocate to Florida but Gratuity is set on not going. With her cat Pig and a criminal Boov called J.Lo she embarks on a hilarious journey. But that's not all, they're faced with more problems, such as the undefeated Takers, or Nimrogs or Gorg. Whatever.
                                                                  Infinity stars




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