Monday, August 13, 2012

The world from Kate's perspective.

"See my tongue"
Kate has been particularly hilarious lately.  She has definitely grown up a lot in the last few weeks.  She even went down the slide by herself at the fair.  And she went up and down stairs - although she tumbled down our stairs.
The 4-H booth at the fair. 
Kate had our camera while we were at the fair.  She took tons of pictures of random people and things, but I thought it was a good view of how she sees the world.  She did put the camera down to get samples of cereal and chocolate from one of the 4H booths, luckily someone gave it back to us.

Apparently I don't have a head
There was another picture of Leila that I won't post, all belly, no head.

Kate begged me to take these pictures of her "Crazy Dance"

More Crazy Dance Goodness. 
Gotta love that Kate.

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