Monday, December 03, 2012

Poor Pathetic Kate

 Kate has been hit with double whammy - stomach flu and bronchitis.  Either she has been asleep on the floor, or the couch, or a the kitchen chair since Friday. 
We are trying to get her to drink a lot of fluids, but a few sips at a time is all Kate can manage.  Here she fell asleep at the table after two sips of apple juice mixed with pedialyte. 


Bonnie said...

Hoping you all have a quick recovery and that it doesn't spread any further!

Devon Lee said...

Poor darling. It's two weeks later. I'm hoping she's feeling better by now.

Anna Silver said...

Poor girl! But haha-I see the quilted pillow that Leila mentioned having to wash because of a sick kid and I'm guessing the role of sick kid was played by Kate. Poor little girl!