Friday, February 01, 2013

Annual Christmas Bowling

Bonnie and John gave us a gift certificate for bowling again this Christmas.  Either I am getting better, or luckier.  Kate rocked the roller bowler.
The only one that didn't bowl was Becca, but since she was happy to cheer us on.

 Colleen's technique is a hard drop and then a meander down to the pins that can be a strike or a split. 
 There is plenty of time for silliness while waiting your turn.
 Kate is getting better at taking pictures, which is great because now there are more pictures of Leila.  Usually she has the camera and so there are pictures of the kids and I, but not of her.  Man, she is cute.
Emily bought this coat with money she earned from babysitting the other kids.  She has always had her own sense of style.  She has grown up so much the last year. 

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Bonnie said...

Glad to hear everyone had a good time. Wish we were there to bowl with you--although it's kind of hard to have the grandkids get higher scores than I do!