Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What do you do in the summertime?

This summer had flown by. Somehow July is half over and I have a list things I haven't done that is as long as my arm. 

Obviously I haven't updated my blog either. So here I am sitting in my car waiting for lessons typing on my new iPhone. 
I ran a small race while we were in Gig Harbor. I have been running regularly. My phone has a running application. That maps out my route, keeps track of my speed, and has programmed training it has been very helpful to measure how slow I really have become and to see the speed begin to pick up. 
I went to Mexico for work on a very fast trip. 

Lots of time looking at corn grow and worrying about too much rain and now a potential drought. 

My garden is beautiful this year. I have enough veg to feed dozens of vegetarians. 
Broccoli out if control. 

I found this 15 in snapping turtle just outside of town by my corn field. 

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Bonnie said...

The garden is incredible. Mine needs more sun. Oh well...