Sunday, November 03, 2013

Something had to give

These last two months were a little nuts.  In September, I went to North Carolina, twice to Minnesota, Manitoba, Canada, twice to Nebraska, Illinois, twice to Missouri, South Dakota, and North Dakota.  I put thousands of miles on my truck and ate at small diners, restaurants, and bars (Many small towns really only have two places to buy food - a small grocery and a bar, if the grocery has a deli they usually have a great pork loin dinner for 6-7 dollars.) throughout the Midwest.  I had notes to take in the nursery and visitors from out of state.  It seemed like every day there was something pulling my attention away.  In October the combines started to roll and data started to pile up.  That means that I didn't go anywhere and do anything but stare at numbers on my computer screen, till midnight many nights.

I don't mean to complain, really, OK, maybe a little.  Feel free to massage my ego and tell me how I made it.

Leila and the girls covered for my absence and long work hours.  It is great being close to work so I can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with them, unless I am out of town.  Even when I had to work late I was able to read to the kids and then go back for a few more hours of fun with data.  But, a lot didn't happen.  I missed three violin lessons with my only student, who then quit.  I brought my violin with me on my travels and practiced in my hotel rooms in the evenings, but only opened the case once in October.  I didn't update the blog obviously.  On the road I did run, but stopped as soon as data started rolling.  I didn't run, do yoga, or even sit ups.  I tried not to eat a lot of junk food, but did eat a very large piece of meatloaf in a diner near Harlan and washed it down with mash potatoes, dark gravy, bacony green beans, and apple pie.  I made it to some of the kids activities - I made it to watch Emily cross the finish line in cross country, but had to sprint the last 800 yards to make it.  She is dang fast. We went running together on a weekend in September and my ego has to deal with the fact that she is faster than me.  I just can't do 7 minute miles anymore without more consistent training.  A lot happened this last month or two, but it feels like one of those long dreams that upon waking fade to impressions of details that don't fit together.

Emily has honor band this week and has been busy this last month or two with cross country, band, and choir.  Becca is willing to try anything that her older sisters do.
She has started walking, climbing up and down all the stairs, and climbing on anything handy.  She folds arms when we pray, blows kisses, chases the cat, and loves pretty shoes more than anything else.  She is utterly fearless compared to Kate and insists on climbing up and down stairs even though she has fallen down them.
She also thinks she is very funny in these glasses.
And wants to ride the horse every time she goes downstairs.
The girls and I picked apples at the Boyds'.  Leila and her friend Kate canned over 120 jars of applesauce.
 I made a great cheesecake out of the leftover ricotta cheese.  The crust is made from pecans, dates and chocolate.  Very decadent.
These four played and played together.  Our downstairs is full of toys and dress-up clothes, but they had fun.
Colleen has started piano with gusto and will play her songs for as long as we let her.  She plays a mean Old McDonald.  

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