Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring break road trip

Warning.  This is a bit of a photo dump.  The kids and I wanted to get out of the house while they were off for spring break.  So, road trip!

First stop - prairie near Pella.  It was freezing, and Becca was asleep.  The buffalo were way in the distance.  And it was freezing. We kept going.
Aleah begged to go to Pella.  She went with Leila this summer (read more here) and fell in love with the place.  She almost loves it as much as the Statue of Liberty.  
The kids got to help paint the sails for the windmill.  
Then, more driving an napping.  
Becca and I enjoyed Nauvoo while the other girls finished their video in the car.  
In St. Louis, we went to the City Museum - Aleah informed me that it isn't really a museum it is a giant jungle gym.  I can't really express how cool this place is.  That tube  with a line of kids is really four stories up in the air.  The first three floors of the factory are riddled with tunnels and sculptures, swings, trees, and slides.  Lots of slides.  Ten story slides.  That you can only get to by climbing inside the mouth of a statue of a whale and into the ceiling.  
Aleah, posing all casual in the airplane. 
Kate was a little terrified of all the confined spaces.  
I gave Colleen the camera to take of some of the narrower tunnels Becca and I couldn't fit in. 
Kate came running out of this tunnel because she was scared of the skeletons. I assured her there were no skeletons.  There were skeletons. 
We spent the night at hotels with pools.  Becca has no fear of water and I had to watch her attentively.  Kate on the other hand was terrified. 
Our camera actually is waterproof we found out.  
Aleah demonstrating her backfloat skills. 
Kate took a bunch of cool photos of the hot tub bubbles. 
Here is to a fun vacation!

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