Sunday, November 16, 2014

Finally getting back to normal

Fall hits like a hurricane for me.  Every year I think, I have it all together.  I have a good plan.  I can do this.  Then, reality hits.  Everything not related to corn harvest and data analysis gets shed, which means this blog, running, church callings, and anything fun or productive around the house.  I tried to stay home for a few hours while the kids were awake, but even they were neglected.  Leila really covered for me.  However, I am determined to get back to normal or better.

It has started to snow and winter is here, but I still have chores that need to be finished, now in the cold.

  1. Insulate around the upstairs 
  2. Replace siding by the kids bedroom. - should have that done Monday. 
  3. Finish stripping wallpaper in computer room - I chafe against calling it the computer room and would rather call it the library, but the computer draws our attention in like a moth to flame and we don't notice the half removed wallpaper so much. 
  4.  Repainting the hall.  
  5. We ordered a door for the kitchen - that is an expensive upgrade, but the cold air slides through the current door all winter long.  
  6. Make stuff in the workshop.  I don't have a clear plan, but I would like to re-upholster a chair and make some benches.  I really want to take some classes from this woodworking shop/museum that is near here.  They teach classes for 250, which includes materials and three days of instruction.  Anyone want to join me?

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