Saturday, April 04, 2015

NYU Abu Dhabi

I stayed with our close friends at NYU's Abu Dhabi campus. 
I went to a piano recital on campus and tried to pay attention to key landmarks so that I could make it back without getting lost. 
The pianist was superb, but the music was difficult to connect with. Modern sometimes means really weird   

I got so lost on the way home. All of my landmarks I watched for repeat throughout the campus. 
It is a beautiful campus, but seems like it was designed by MC Escher with stairs everywhere that look identical. The balcony levels seems like the ground floor because it is all beautifully landscaped with olive trees, grass, bushes, and flowers. 
There is even a patch of sugar cane on the upper level. Each of the buildings has an atrium that opens up to the upper landscaped balcony. 

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