Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Epic road trip

We decided for Chris and Angela's wedding we would make an epic road trip to California. We would cross Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and finally stop when we got to the Bay Area. 

I didn't take any pictures in Nebraska. It is a subtler place the the rough crags of Colorado. We stayed with Rich for a couple of days before our next drive to Utah to visit the Cooks. 

They live in Fountain Green, home of lamb days and "helped" walk sheep at night. We also ate and ate. Tara spoiled us with homemade ice cream, cookies, tamales, egg rolls, Spanish rice, lasagna, and more. 

Becca was in heaven talking to the lambs and cows. The bummer lamb her favorite thing ever. 

We toured temple square in a bit of rain. 

But it didn't last. 

Now on the California. 

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