Thursday, February 03, 2005


I kinda muffed seminar this week. First I forgot to shave or wear anything nice until I was sitting at my desk with no time to do anything about it. I was even wearing my hawaiian shirt with small holes from splashes of sulfuric acid from delinting seeds. That's what happens when I get dressed before I really am awake I guess.

Then i was nervous and Stelly spent his introduction selling the beauty and wonder that is my experiment. Which involves wild species in a generation mean analysis where we can't analyze it as a generation means analysis due to low sampling in the F2 generations. AAAAAAaaaaaaah. Then I was too negative and didn't emphasize the positive, which was we had improved fiber qualities in both experiments, even if there was a yield drop. And the must BC3F1s had as good of yield with improved fiber across the board.

Since only Stelly from my committee was there I guess that it is OK.

Repeat after me,


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