Monday, June 22, 2009


Katherine Alma Gardunia - that is what we wrote down on the form, but now we are having name regrets. We were about to leave with "Baby Girl" Gardunia, but the nurse pressured us into writing something. So we did. I think we may knickname her Becca.


Charlotte said...

Look at that hair! Congratulations!

Becca said...

Oh! She's beautiful! What a sweetheart--I love those new babies.

And Katherine and Becca were my top name choices, so I think you choce well. Who cares what's on the hospital form--you can change the name when you give her a blessing :).

Christine Merrill said...

We totally (still) have name regrets with Lige. We wanted to name him Lige and chickened out and named him Elijah. I wonder how hard it is to change a name, anyway? :) But, I love her name - especially Alma. I've always loved that name (for a girl) and everyone else thinks I'm weird! I knew we were friends for a reason!