Saturday, June 18, 2011

June is flying by

I cannot believe how fast the days of summer fly by.

But swim lessons have begun so the fun of summer is here. Aleah just beams all lessons. She doesn't swim as so much as half drown while splashing generally forward. She has no fear of the water, even though she sinks like a stone. Emily swims well enough that her class is focusing on doing the strokes right, which isn't quite as fun sometimes. Colleen splashes on the edge and watches with her friend.

The first part in June we spent in Gig Harbor, WA visiting Leila's family. Then I went to Boise to see my family for a few days.

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Leila said...

I'm surprised that Kate hasn't insisted on going into the water, but then again she won't walk across the damp parts around the pool. She just freezes and screams, "Wet! Wet!" until I pick her up.