Saturday, June 25, 2011

Walking Kate Turns Two

A few months ago, we were getting worried about Kate. She was approaching two years old and still didn't walk. She seemed quite content to crawl or knee-walk wherever she went. I told Leila that if she wasn't walking by two I would be concerned. Other people, including her doctor, then the specialists we took her to, were all very concerned that she wasn't walking. We even went so far as to get an MRI on her nervous system to make sure that all was well. All of her tests were normal, the physical therapist recommended braces, the orthopedic guy didn't, and meanwhile she was happy on her knees.

Then, about a six weeks ago we had friends over for dinner. They fawned over Kate and applauded her attempts to free-stand. Then the next day she tried it again, with a few steps. By the end of the week, she was walking by herself like a champ. She just had to want to enough.

She turned two last week. We have now been in Iowa over two years and time has flown by. Kate is still the wild-haired, thumb-sucking, hair-twirling, daddy's girl she was a year ago, but she also is communicative and caring. She is the first to give her sister's a hug and a kiss and is quick to say sorry. She still takes long naps and is often content to sit on the counter while meals are made or dishes done. She is fascinated with puppies, birds, and other animals. She loves carrying a bag and helping. Unfortunately, she has a real sweet tooth, little patience, and hates sharing toys, books, or her dad. But, she is careful to keep clean and insists on washing her hands and face often and is disturbed by containers without lids.

The next few years will probably speed by even faster. I hate to think how we will have to break the thumb sucking habit, but other than that I look forward to seeing her and her sisters grow up. It still amazes me after 4 children how each of them is so much themselves, even very little. Kate's personality really has shown through since she was just a month or two old.

Note: the pictures in the slideshow were supposed to be in chronological order, but our camera has been putting the wrong date on each file and I didn't change them. If you can't see the slideshow, I will add photos to the post, let me know.


Leila said...

Great slide show. I didn't realize how much she has grown until I saw her baby pictures. She still feels like such a baby because she is the youngest, just walking and sucking her thumb - but she is growing up. I feel like such a sap. :)

Anonymous said...

She is adorable!!! Really makes me want a girl!! I have 4 boys. My 1 yr old isn't even crawling yet. It gives me hope that he will when he is ready. Thanks for sharing with us.

Bonnie said...

Miss you guys already!