Saturday, December 31, 2011

Continuing traditions: Nausea and bowling for the New Year.

Unfortunately, this year we have tried hard to truly celebrate Christmas with the stomache flu for everyone. Aleah, Colleen, and Kate each have thrown up in their beds now. I have felt car-sick nauseous all last night and today. Uggh

 On a more positive note, we had great fun bowling, thanks to Leila's parents. Definitely, a new holiday tradition. All of the kids scored higher than me though, but I am just waiting for the day when they don't have bumpers. I am a very erratic bowler. Either it goes in the gutter or I get a spare/strike.
Leila consistently knocked down 6-8 pins.  Somehow I still outscored her.  Aahahaha.
Aleah tried to throw the bowling ball like a shotput a couple of times.  But usually took advantage of the gutters to knock down the pins. 
 Emily was consistently the best bowler. I bet she would have won even without the bumpers.  Look at that good form. 

Kate camped out at the ball return and rolled each ball into place.  She also was the cheerleader.  She would cheer and clap for everyone.  

I helped Colleen roll the ball.  When she rolled it by herself so softly that it was not for sure that it would make it all the way down the lane.  


Bonnie said...

Double yuck! So sorry it went through the family this year.
On the other hand, glad bowling was fun. We try to go bowling whenever we go out of town to visit family. Makes everyone glad they can bowl better than Nana. Looks like the girls will beat me easily!

Cort said...

I like the "shot put" comment. I am consistent that way, too! Great photos of you and the family and hope you are all feeling better soon. Hugs from Thailand, Amanda and family