Thursday, March 01, 2007

Funny things Aleah has said

In a bid to engage Aleah in scriptures last week I decided to skip reading the Isaiah chapter from 2 Nephi that was planned and tell the story of Daniel and the Lions Den. I was good. Both kids were quiet with wide eyes. They were sad when Daniel was thrown down with the Lions but jubilant when he was saved. Afterward I asked Aleah to say her prayers before bedtime.

She looked at me and said, "Won't."

"Won't, what Aleah", I said, hoping it was something unrelated, like "Won't eat junk food." or "Won't play with sharp knives."

But, no.

Aleah responded, "Won't, Lions no eat me. " She had learned her moral from Daniel and the Lions Den: If you pray, lions may eat you.

Ay, Ay, Ay


The other day I came home and Aleah came up and asked, "Daddy, boy?"

I said, " Yes, Daddy is a boy."

Aleah: "Mommy, boy?"

Me: "No, mommy is a girl"

Aleah, relieved sound in her voice: "Oh, Aleah Boy!"

We have talked and talked about all of the people we know and who are boys and girls and some of the time I can convince Aleah she is a girl, but most of the time she ends up sure that she is a boy.

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