Thursday, March 15, 2007

Odd violin on ebay

I saw this odd violin on ebay and had to restrain myself from bidding on it. It has an unusual shape and is a 5 string. I have no idea what its tone quality is, but I wanted it. If I hadn't just pluncked down money for a new lawn tractor, chicken supplies, and fencing materials I would have bought it. I didn't get it obviously, but for some reason it appealed to me. Violins have not changed for probably around 500 years. Bows have updated but violins themselves have not. I think that maybe a little innovation is due.

What body types could be tried? What different woods would work? (Say that ten times fast with a woodchuck) What changes to violin music and performance could be achieved by different strings/bow/violin designs? Electric fiddles are neat, but to me rather unappealing. Guitars have evolved through time, but violin design is remarkably static. Maybe that is because they cannot be improved, but I would be interested in seeing the attempts.
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