Monday, March 12, 2007

Trial with Picassa web albums

We will see if this works. I loaded our winter pictures onto a google web Album page. I am not sure if I like it so these links may not last forever. But check out our deep snow - all pictures taken by Emily our budding photographer, the cats and their mice, Emily and Aleah. Leila is not in any of these. I will try and rectify that.

Click on the picture below to see the album. Let me know if you like it and I will try and load similar albums more often. It seems pretty nice.

feb 2007

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Bob and Shirley said...

Hi Brian.
We read and like your blog. The photos were nice to see and I'll bet all the snow has melted, kindof looked like my old Minnesota. Jon and family were here last week, had a nice visit.
Bob C.and Shirley O.